Dark humor, fun, and addiction. This is what you should expect from the true successor of the Theme Hospital game, the classic tycoon title of the past. Two Point Hospital will take many hours of your life and bring a healthy dose of laughter and fun. Are you already the Two Point Hospital addicted fan?

Who says a fan at Two Point Hospital is wearing a lab coat and a coif? A fan of this crazy game definitely stands out from the crowd. We suggest you dress in the exclusive merch of Two Point Hospital and prove to everyone that it is you who tirelessly build clinics and treat the most unusual diseases.

Buy yourself a medical T-shirt with the Two Point Hospital print for $14.99 only! It is so convenient to conduct patient receptions, discuss the most unusual diagnoses, and twist light bulbs out of the heads.

Also pay attention to the sweatshirt with the Two Point Hospital print for $24.99 only. It is cozy and warm, and so convenient to take on when you return home after a night shift in the hospital.

You need a cap on the street to hide your face from patients who know their doctor and want to get help even after you have finished your work day. Get yourself a cap with the Two Point Hospital print for $11.99 only!

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