What Every Two Point Hospital Player Should Know

Two Point Hospital is a perfect management game, and you will enjoy every level of it no matter how experienced you are in the games of business simulation genre. To make it a little bit more amusing and to reduce your level of management stress we offer you this list of Two Point Hospital tips and tricks.

5 Tips and Tricks for Better Hospital Management

  1. Patient Traffic and Building Process

Strategy is essential for building process: as same patients need to attend your diagnostic rooms, GP’s offices, and the ward. If you situate those three rooms units in different buildings, patients will have to spend too much time getting from one room to another. If you build them too small and make the corridors narrow, human traffic congestions are inevitable. Before building one of those offices, we’d recommend to think twice on its placement.

  1. Consolidate Treatment Rooms

Some rooms in the game are needed exclusively for treatment, which means patients only need to go there to heal. It would be wise to create one Treatment Center in a separate building and direct all your patients that need healing there. Thus, you will also divide your hospital into Diagnostics and Treatment wings, which will increase the level of productivity in both of those fields. Treatment-only rooms are Pharmacy, De-Lux, Pans Lab, Clown Clinic, Chromatherapy, Fracture Ward, Injection Room, Surgery, Shock Clinic, Head Office, and Pest Control.

  1. Don’t Build Special Units for Infrequent Diseases

If you get only one patient with a particular illness a year, don’t bother to build the special room for its treatment, as it will never pay out this way. Every level (except maybe the last one) has a few primary illnesses, and it’s recommended for you to focus on them. Remember that you can always send patients home if you don’t have means to treat them or if they’re about to die. That may some cruel, but that’s the basis of efficient management.

  1. Feed Your Personnel

Food is the key to your staff happiness and, therefore, efficiency. Marketplace and food machines work great all over your hospitals but consider placing food in the staff rooms so that they wouldn’t have to lose time running to the next building for a quick snack. Of course, this recipe doesn’t work during busy hours. Try to make the lunch breaks as comfortable as possible so that your personnel could regain energy. If you have a research team, staff rooms are not that important as their level of happiness doesn’t mean much in their work. Coffee and energy drinks will be quite enough.

  1. Cool Research Cheat

This cheat is only available to those who have completed Mitton University level, but it’s so good that we decided to include it in the top tricks list. In Mitton University you can get researchers of level 5 that are incredibly fast learners. If on some of the later levels you need to research a new technology but don’t want to lose time and human resources on it, start the research at your current hospital and then go back to Mitton to continue it. Every research opportunity you open up gets available for learning at Mitton.

Is There Anything Else?

Well, Two Point Hospital is a good strategy and a pretty developed one. Building is the main feature here, so always think twice before constructing a new building, hospital wing and even a room. Training is the second essential element: always distribute your students between paid tutors and your own specialists. And the last piece of micro-advice: keep everyone happy. There are dozens of opportunities to boost up your game, and a lot of them you will invent yourself. Don’t forget to share your results with the community!