Increasing Your Hospital Value In Two Point Hospital

Many players faced the problem of continuous value decrease in Two Point Hospital. ‘How to increase hospital value?’ becomes the key question on every second level of the game. Hospital value is the basic feature of Two Point Hospital, and you will have to learn how to deal with it even on the primary levels of the game in the Countryside region. And it can get even more problematic with time. Stay with us for thorough instructions.

What’s the problem?

Hospital Value is usually the key issue when it comes to getting a three-star rating. Your hospital is filled with buildings, the curing level is high and so is the profit, but its value stays the same or even goes down. Keep in mind that hospital value is one of the most complex concepts of the game, and even an utterly unnoticed detail can affect it. Let’s go through all the probable reasons for your hospital value neglection.

Hospital Value Boosters

  1. Extra Buildings

Buying some extra buildings can get you to hospital value increase, even if you already have everything you need. The prestige of your hospital heavily depends on the price of real estate you own. Additional space can give it a serious boost, especially when adequately decorated. And never forget about radiators on the cold levels.

  1. Decor

Artworks not only make your personnel and patients happier but also attract real estate buyers. Put them everywhere, even in the spaces not suitable for art exhibitions like bathrooms and pharmacies. Another decorative booster is plants that add value to your interiors.

  1. Monthly Profit

If your profit is steady for 12 months the hospital value will get high eventually, as it’s one of the main factors here. Just don’t forget that the effect is unlikely to happen if the profit level decreases.

  1. Trained Staff

Check your employees’ professional level. Hospital value is its prestige, and better professionals are crucial at this point. Try and find the worst personnel representatives and replace them with better ones. Doctors and nurses will cure more patients, and the janitors will keep the premises tidy, and both factors are important in the long run.

  1. ROI

Return On Investment is a big issue here. It can be challenging to raise, but there’s a hack that can boost it up. All you need is to raise prices for hospital services while there are still many people that were attracted to the small prices. It’s a rotten act, but it’s also effective management.

  1. Next Level Replacements

Another hack for those who are tired of trying every possibility of one particular level. You can skip it and return after unlocking cool new equipment on further levels. Come back later and replace all the all stuff with the unlocked one.

  1. Wait and See

Sometimes players get so anxious over their hospital value that they tend to make fundamental changes to their game strategy, thus keeping the value from growing. Hospital value will not increase right after you’ve bought a couple of new paintings. Wait a little bit, and it will most likely rise to the level you require.

More On Hospital Value

Hospital value is in the very core of the game and keeping it high makes you a good manager. To follow the changes it goes through don’t forget to check the Hospital Value data in the Finance tab. All the changes since the last quarter are indicated here, and you can invent your own management tactics based on them.