How Many Levels Are There in Two Point Hospital?

‘How many levels in Two Point Hospital?’ is the question that bothers every player. Another question is how diverse and challenging they are. Currently, there are fifteen levels in five different regions plus three additional levels that came out with Bigfoot DLC expansion. Each level is a hospital you have to manage successfully. The hospitals are divided into five blocks; each block equals a region with a unique climate and ecological conditions. Let’s go through all of them.

Review of the Fifteen Levels

  1. Hogsport is the first hospital of Countryside region and a place where you learn the basics of hospital administration. It has tutorials on every aspect of the game, so after fulfilling your objectives here, you know pretty much everything about the game mechanics. This level is easy, but it has lots of curious details and bits of advice on strategy development in room building, reputation boosting, emergencies and other essentials. Try to get to the core of it by gaining three stars and not moving further to the next hospital.

  2. Lower Bullocks is the next Countryside region unit. It comes with a new Psychiatry room and a bunch of psych-related diseases, such as Mock Star, Verbal Diarrhea or Portishead. And they’re really as funny as they sound. This level is not a tutorial, but it’s also quite easy.

  3. Flottering, the last hospital in a mild Countryside climate, introduces staff training which is in many ways a pivotal element to the game. Besides training rooms, a Clown Clinic unlocks. It’s a strange and funny place where you can cure Jest Infection. On this level, pay attention to Training and Ward Management, as plenty of emergencies happens in the Ward.

  4. Mitton University opens up the next region of the game. It’s cold up here, so you need to think about heating equipment when building hospital spaces. The university hospital is home to many bright minds, and the research is in the foreground here. You the new Research, Chromatherapy, and Injection rooms, as well as a set of new illnesses. Training is crucial here as you begin this level with a team of university students.

  5. Tumble is the hospital that mainly deals with breaks and bruises that tourists get from hiking around the area. The illnesses like Broken Face and Jazz Hand are introduced. Fracture Ward is your top priority here, as well the staff training. This level is a little bit tight on your finances, so it makes you learn the hospital economy basics.

  6. Flemington is a wealthy hospital of a wealthy town. Here you can get a marketing licence and unlock Marketing Room. You also get a Pest Control research room. The leading new illness here is Animal Magnetism. There’s also a Shattered disease introduced, which is one of the hardest in the whole game, so prepare your personnel in Fracture Ward.

  7. Smogley is the first hospital of the Industrial region. The chief medical specialisation here is surgery. You unlock such rooms as Head Office and Operating Theater. You will need to organise several Operating Theaters and train your employees in Surgery for many occurring emergencies. A great deal of success on this level lies in machine upgrades. This level is a difficult one but quite fascinating.

  8. Melt Downs, a depressing sight, is your next level. It introduces such game concept as Disasters: Electrical Storms will happen from time to time as your hospital is situated not far from the power plant, and earthquakes are frequent too. Concentrate on your janitors to maintain everything in order. You can also boost up your research activity with the unlocking of Shock Clinic and DNA Lab.

  9. Duckworth-Upon-Bilge is the last Industrial level. It deals with all the fuss and trouble of a public hospital. You always short of money here as you don’t get it from diagnosis, treatment, and retail. The management strategies you used in previous levels are most likely to fail here, so be flexible and think ahead. There’s a new research room called Resolution Lab.

  10. Sweaty Palms, the first hospital of Tropical region, introduces hot climate and Air conditioners into the game. It’s a resort hospital situated in a picturesque area rich with natural disasters. You get a Cryptology room and a Premature Mummification illness. Fire Extinguishers are a must here, as volcanic eruptions get frequent. Oh, almost forgot: there’s also tropical epidemics, and the number of vaccines is limited. Welcome to one of the toughest regions!

  11. Grockle Bay adds some funny illnesses to the game and a brand new Recurvery room. You also get Jogger’s Ripple epidemic. Emergencies happen here more often than on previous levels so make sure you have trained specialists in Pharmacy, Psychiatry, and Shock Horror. This level is beautifully designed: all the buildings have smart passages and built-in bridges, and even the illnesses have art quality to them (check out Cubism!).

  12. Blighton in Two Point Hospital language means a town that has all the possible contagions. There are no rooms left to unlock but you et another funny Leopard Skin disease. Try to build your hospital spaces small to avoid big gatherings. Hygiene is the key element here if you want to complete the level.

  13. Rotting Hill is the neglected hospital that welcomes you in the Urban region. No rooms or illnesses to unlock here, just plain management. You start out with $10 000 in debt and the lowest possible reputation. Hard work is what’s going to save you here.

  14. Pelican Wharf is all about machinery and high-tech solutions. Put emphasis on research, and you will never regret it. The neighbourhood is dizzy and stylish with its high-rises and subway maps. The best transport for this level is the helicopter.

  15. Croquembouche is the hospital you build from scratch in the most prestigious part of the city centre. Two point hospitals pros think of it as a long-awaited retreat and the closest thing to sandbox mode you get in this game. It’s very difficult, of course, as every illness from previous levels is unlocked, and the patient queues seem never-ending. But you get here as an expert in hospital management.

Review of Bigfoot Expansion Levels

Bigfoot expansion introduces three additional levels in the Snowfall region. They are not as tough as the higher levels in the basic Two Point Hospital game, but you will need to complete at least three levels of Countryside region to understand the mechanics of the gameplay.

  1. Underlook Hotel is a forsaken mountain resort that desperately needs management. Here instead of getting money for curing patients, you get paid by the hotel for completing the tasks it sets. After three months of management, you start to get a performance bonus based on your work efficiency. A new room and a bunch of funny new illnesses unlock at this level.

  2. Swelbard is a typical research-based hopital situated in the far north. Training is essential here, as you have to gather hospital staff from town folk that doesn’t know left from right in most cases. A new Urban Mythology room and a set of smart illnesses are a pleasant bonus.

  3. Roquefort Castle is probably the most beautiful level of the game to date, and one of the most challenging. Here you deal with turning the old aristocratic castle into a hospital. Massive ghost hauntings and avalanches are typical disasters here, so make sure there are enough qualified janitors to deal with all the mess. Lots of enjoyable new illnesses and a Reanimation Room will also keep you busy.

That’s all Folks!

For now, 18 is the number of Two Point Hospital and Bigfoot expansion levels. Each of them has its own tricks and treats, but the basics are covered with this article.