How Many Hospitals Are There in Two Point Hospital?

With a name Two Point Hospital how many hospitals this game might have, in your opinion? The answer is not as simple as it may seem. Currently, there are fifteen hospitals in the basic version of the game, and three bonus hospitals in Bigfoot DLC expansion. Each hospital equates with a level of the game.

Hospitals and Regions

When you enter the game, there is just one hospital, Hogsport. It’s a nice building on the ocean shore, where you can learn the basics of the hospital administration. Here you have several curing missions, some hard work on hospital prestige and a few curious items to unlock. After you’ve managed to keep your first hospital in perfect order, the real game begins.

There are four regions that differ geographically. Each region is situated in a unique climate zone and has its own challenges and hacks. There are, however, several gameplay options common to any hospital. There is a reputation level, a star rating, a list of hospital objectives, and additional plots to expand your hospital.

Here’s the list of the game regions and hospitals situated in them:

  • Countryside Region is the easiest part of the map, and some players address to it as a preparation level before the Big Game. The climate is sweet there, and you don’t have to deal with anxious patients...yet.

This region includes three hospitals: Hogsport, Lower Bullocks and Flottering. It’s best to get the most out of every one of them and not to hurry to the more difficult region before you got your extra stars and unlocked a bunch of items that can be used on other levels.

  • Cold Region is the one where you need to care about extra warmth for your patients and personnel. The main tip here is to fill every new hospital building with radiators and air cons. The overall gameplay is a bit harder here, though still quite user-friendly.

There are three hospitals here as well: Mitton University, Tumble and Flemington. Here you get the chance for your research activity and get to prepare specialists to treat Fracture illnesses.

  • Industrial Region brings a new level of difficulty with vast amounts of patients, further researches and diseases. Hospital Disasters is a completely new feature here, and the radiators from the cold region are present here too. Hospitals get more specialised: Smogley is surgery-centred, Melt Downs is an abandoned hospital on the way to ecological catastrophe, Duckworth-Upon-Bilge is a public hospital tied with politic affairs.

  • Tropical Region introduces another type of critical weather conditions and a bunch of awful epidemics. Here you will need quite a lot of air conditioners instead of radiators. The goals are very high and every move must be thought out. There’s a Sweaty Palms hospital in the epicentre of natural disasters. Grockle Bay has one of the hardest illnesses which means that improving your Cure Rate is almost impossible here. Blighton is a small town hospital filled with the most dangerous contagious diseases.

  • Urban Region is the place where nothing is left to unlock. It contains three levels that have a great Sandbox value to them. There’s a significant number of patients, and you get the chance to review your favourite experiences from previous levels. There’s a rotting Rotting Hill, a high-tech Pelican Wharf, and everybody’s favourite gigantic Croquembouche.

If you have the latest Bigfoot expansion, there’s an added region:

  • Pointy Mountain Region has a new list of illnesses and additional wintery items for the game. There’s Underlook Hotel, probably the unhappiest hospital you’ve ever seen. In Swelbard you’ll have to deal with medical research in the farthest Northern region. Roquefort Castle is a beautiful aristocratic building that needs to be turned into a hospital with the help of your managing skills.

Each Level Is Unique

You’ll never get bored with Two Point Hospital with more funny illnesses and items to explore in every region. When you first enter the game, you only see the unlocked Hogsport hospital, but if you scan around the map, you will the locked places, each carrying an ‘H’ logo.