Two Point Hospital

  • Developer: Two Point Studios
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation
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Two Point Hospital Review: 5 points from 5 for the idea

Becoming a doctor, along with becoming an astronaut, a teacher, a ballerina, a veterinarian, a firefighter, and a police officer is one of the childhood dreams for many people. If becoming a healthcare specialist was your early years' intention, and you didn’t make it come true, maybe it’s just time to start everything from the beginning? 

We don’t offer you becoming a doctor at your mid-40s, 50s or 60s (though nothing should stop you from trying if you really crave of this profession). We also can’t offer you a journey in a time machine. However, we wish we could. 

We just want to offer you to download Two Point Hospital game and get a unique gaming experience in trying yourself as a specialist of healthcare industry. 
In Two Point Hospital, each player gets a possibility to organize a hospital infrastructure and cure people of illnesses. Isn’t it a nice option to try?
Some important things about Two Point Hospital 

Do you have an idea of how is it to work in the healthcare industry? Two Point Hospital will help you familiarize with the basics and spend some perfect time while playing. To run a hospital, you need to be meticulous enough. Because Two Point Hospital is not much about medicine, it’s more about the economic planning of the whole bunch of processes in a hospital. So let's separate the wheat from the chaff. What is the fuss all about?

The important thing #1

Two Point Hospital is a simulator of a real hospital life though with a pinch of absurdity (and soon you will see why). 

The important thing #2

Two Point Hospital is an ideological heir of the 1997’s game Theme Hospital. The latter (or rather the first of these games) was a hospital simulator, progressive at that time. Theme Hospital was remarkably successful regarding humor and game dynamics. The same we can say about Two Point Hospital. The best of the Theme Hospital game was brought to the 2018 “hospital” title. 

The important thing #3

Two Point Hospital is not a plagiatus of Theme Hospital (though you could think otherwise). All because the team for both of the games is almost identical. Mark Webley, Director of Two Point Studios explained everything: 
"We have long wanted to return to medical topics and implement the ideas we did not have time to [before]. Moreover, we wanted to work out the district of Two Peaks and its locations, so that the players had something to pay attention besides the hospitals themselves. We added a variety of characters, celebrities, politicians ... "

The important thing #4

Two Point Hospital brings back the magic of the ‘90s management games. The game is based on the best traditions of tycoons which nowadays are not as popular as they were decades before. With the tycoon spirit in the core, Two Point Hospital becomes a reincarnation of the 90’s management games and wakes up the sense of nostalgia in players. 

Ready to start a rewarded doctor’s career?

So you need to run your own healthcare center. To develop it, you need money. To earn money, you need to serve your patients well and cure them effectively. The scheme is simple: every tycoon game has the same idea in the core. 
To succeed in your mission, manage the tasks opening one after another as you progress in the game. 
Provide your hospital with all the needed for its stable work. Starting with hiring stuff and finishing with decorating halls, all the tasks are aimed to increase your medical institution’ rate and let you move to another clinic to develop. To unlock a new hospital, you need to lead to perfection all the processes in the old one. 

Every hospital you deal with is a one-storeyed building that, first of all, needs qualified specialists. These are doctors of various specialties who can care for patients illnesses and thus earn money for further clinic development (it’s a vicious circle, as you see). Medical staff such as nurses assists doctors in managing the routine medical tasks and taking care of the patients. The executive department responses for the registration of the patients, for providing marketing campaigns, solving administrative issues, maintaining cleanness and order, and so on. 

Take care of hiring good specialists, paying them competitive salaries, letting have rest when needed, and giving them opportunities for self-development. If the doctor is tiresome and sad, he can’t be good at curing. 
You need to maintain cleanliness and the required level of convenience in the clinic. Let your patients be pleased when visiting their doctor. It should be clean, thought-out for convenience (provide the hospital with furniture, cafeterias, and coffee machines), aesthetically pleasing (adorn the hospital with taste) here. 

By and large, make your hospital patient-friendly and earn money for reaching this goal. 

People are strange. And situations more than that

The first thing that every player is attracted by in Two Point Hospital is humor. Though the game implements the serious idea of running a hospital, it is spiced with a good portion of surrealism and fun.
In Two Point Hospital, you are going to deal with unusual diseases that were not encountered in any game before. They are so bizarre and ridiculous! Were you expecting to see the patient who imagines himself Freddie Mercury? Or another one acting like a clown (are you ready to turn a healing room into a circus tent?)

The patients with lamps instead of heads (a light-headedness disease), discolored, magnetized, and those who suffer from cubism will attend your hospital. You need to have enough patience to help them and not to… burst out of laughter. 

The comicality of the situation doesn’t end with bizarre illnesses of strange patients. The medical staff is weird as well. Each of the character, no matter a doctor or a clinical administrator, has a peculiar temper (and an odd name as well). So you need to pay attention to their fads like sharpening pencils with an ax or suffering from sherbet addiction, and other eccentric features. 
The constant balancing between the serious goal and amusing situations is meant to bring you lots of fun. And that is for sure!

Two Point Hospital: the perfect mix of… almost everything

So what do we have in Two Point Hospital? The most severe task: to run a medical institution with high-class services provided in it. The funniest situations like curing patients of light-headedness and cubism. The weirdest characters both doctors and patients. The spiritual heredity of Theme Hospital deepened with new amusing content is the icing on the cake. 

So what are you waiting for? Two Point Hospital was released on 30 August 2018. Faster get your hands on it!


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